This class is for people interested in showing their dog in breed competition for championship points.  It is designed to teach handler and dog what is required to compete in dog shows. The experience is invaluable before going out to compete.

Starting Date
On-going class
On-going class
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Wednesdays  7:30 PM
Wednesdays  8:00 PM
Large dogs
Table dogs


Conformation classes run on Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m.  Fees for Conformation will be $5.00/half hour per time attended and no pre-registration is required.  Cards for ten 1/2 hour sessions will be available for $35.00.  No registration is needed, but current rabies information (for any dog that is over 6 months of age) must be provided at the first session attended.

For more information call 507-344-1159 or e-mail